Search Tips

    Search Tips

    Site Search

    Site Search, located in the upper-right corner of the screen, helps you find information on this Web site. The tips below will make searching easier.

    • You can search using single words or using phrases.
    • Be as specific as possible when searching.
    • Put quotation marks around a search phrase to narrow your search.

    Example: Health Care Provider returns all entries that contain the words Health, Care, and Provider in any order. "Health Care Provider" returns only those entries with the words Health Care Provider in that exact order.

    • You can mix a phrase with one or more words to narrow the search results.

    Example: "Health Care Provider" agreement returns all items containing the phrase Health Care Provider which also contain the word agreement.

    Bulletin, Banner Page, and Newsletter Keyword Search

    Bulletins, banner pages, and newsletters are included in the site search. You can also search for a specific bulletin, banner page, or newsletter using the Keyword Search option. The advantage of using the keyword search is that it returns only results for the specific document type you selected.

    Use the steps below to perform a keyword search. (The picture below is of the banner page screen; the bulletin and newsletter screens look similar.)

    Banner Search

    1. Select Bulletins, Banner Pages, or Newsletters. (The example above is for banner pages; the screen looks similar for bulletins and newsletters.)
    2. In the Keyword field, type the word or phrase you are searching for. If you know the document number, you can type the document number in the field.
    3. Click Submit.
    4. If you don't see the document you are looking for in the results, type again with a different keyword.

    Browser Search

    After locating the page you are looking for, you can use the Find option, built into your Web browser, to locate specific information on the page.

    Note: Each browser operates slightly differently. Use your browser's Help option to find more information about the Find option.

    Adobe Reader Search

    Adobe Reader opens and reads portable document format (PDF) files. A Find option is built into Adobe Reader so that, after opening the file, you can search within the document. Use the Adobe Reader Help option to find more information.