If you have previously received payment for a long-term care resident but have recently received claim denials for Edit 2008 - Recipient not eligible for this LOC for these DOS, contact the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Provider Relations Help Desk at (317) 488-5094. Please do not contact the Division of Aging (DA) directly or send in a new Form 450B.

If the member's level of care (LOC) was discontinued as a result of the discharge status code, the HPE Provider Relations Help Desk reviews the claims to determine which claim caused the autoclosure. If the status code on the claim is incorrect, the HPE Provider Relations Help Desk representative will advise you what action to take so HPE can manually restore the LOC, if appropriate. To have claims considered for payment, you must:

  1. Adjust or replace paid claims that indicated an incorrect discharge status code
  2. Call the HPE Provider Relations Help Desk to have the LOC updated

For more information, please see the Long-Term Care provider reference module.