Income limit calculating incorrectly for presumptive eligibility applications

The Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP) has identified that the federal poverty level (FPL) income limit calculation for determining presumptive eligibility is computing incorrectly. As a result some applicants are either being denied eligibility altogether or being approved only for limited coverage under the Family Planning Eligibility Program in error.

The IHCP is working on a permanent solution to this issue. In the interim, if an applicant was denied presumptive eligibility or approved for limited family planning coverage only and you believe this determination to be in error, please follow these instructions:

  • Submit a request to have the results reviewed by sending an email to
  • Attach the application summary page. If the application summary page was not printed and therefore cannot be sent, provide the member ID (RID) along with the application information that was entered via the Portal.

The IHCP will provide a response indicating whether the results were in error, what the aid category should be (if applicable), and that the CoreMMIS system was updated with the correction (if applicable).

Watch future IHCP publications regarding a permanent solution.