IHCP providers experiencing delays with provider enrollment transactions

The Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP) currently has a backlog of inventory for provider enrollment transactions. System changes, in combination with the volume of provider enrollment applications, revalidations, and profile updates, have resulted in processing challenges and delays.

Enrollment transactions are being worked based upon the date received, with the oldest being worked first. Due to the increased time frame required to process requests, providers should plan to submit transactions as early as possible. In particular, applications for enrollment revalidation should be submitted as early as 90 days before the revalidation deadline.

Providers are strongly encouraged to use the Provider Healthcare Portal (Portal) for all submissions, if possible, as electronic transactions can be processed more efficiently than paper submissions. Not only is the Portal designed to reduce errors in initial submissions, but the Portal also provides an application tracking number (ATN) that is helpful in tracking subsequent submissions if follow-up is needed for missing information or documents.

The IHCP is making every effort to process enrollment paperwork and reduce inventory to normal levels as quickly as possible. Providers should use the ATN generated through the Portal to track the status of pending enrollment transactions. Other questions can be directed to Customer Service at 1-800-457-4584.