Updated IHCP Companion Guides Added to Website

Updated IHCP Companion Guides Added to Website

Updated versions of the following companion guides were recently added to the website:

  • 270/271 Health Care Eligibility Benefit Inquiry and Response Transactions V2.0
  • 276/277 Health Care Claim Status Request and Response Transactions V2.0
  • 820 MCE Capitation Payment Information Transaction V2.0
  • 834 MCE Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance Transaction V2.0
  • 835 Health Care Claim Payment/Advice Transaction V2.0
  • 837D Health Care Claim: Dental Transaction V2.0
  • 837I Health Care Claim: Institutional Transaction V2.0
  • 837P Health Care Claim: Professional Transaction V2.0

See the IHCP Companion Guides page to access the documents. Other companion guides will be published as soon as possible.

The national X12N transaction HIPAA implementation guides are available on the Washington Publishing Company website at wpc-edi.com/hipaa/HIPAA_40.asp.

If you need information specific to the IHCP or have questions, please contact the EDI Solutions Help Desk at (317) 488-5160 or 1-877-877-5182 or by email at INXIXTradingPartner@hp.com.