RSV Season Modified to Begin October 16, 2013

RSV season modified to begin October 16, 2013

The Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA), Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning (OMPP) monitors statewide virology data. Based upon recent analysis, the OMPP is modifying the definition of the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) season to begin October 16, 2013, resulting in a 2013-2014 RSV season that runs from October 16, 2013, through March 31, 2014. Members, meeting the established criteria, may seek prior authorization (PA) for administration of Synagis for dates of services on or after October 16, 2013. This modification will apply to the 2013-2014 RSV season only.

The Synagis Prior Authorization Form is available under the Pharmacy Services Quick Link at Please direct PA requests and questions about Synagis PA criteria to the Catamaran Clinical and Technical Help Desk toll-free at 1-855-577-6317.