HP Implements New Provider Customer Assistance Line

HP Implements New Provider Customer Assistance Line

On Monday, February 4, HP implemented a new provider customer assistance phone line. The implementation changed the menu options to the following:

  1. Member program information
  2. Provider services through the Automated Voice Response (AVR) system
  3. Provider enrollment information
  4. Pharmacy services

When providers call the customer assistance phone line they are unable to bypass the prompts and must choose one of the four options. For most calls, providers will use option two to access the AVR. The AVR is a self-service model and should be used as the first line of resolution for providers' questions.

When calling the AVR, the following information will be requested: your National Provider Identifier (NPI) or Legacy Provider Identifier (LPI) and your taxonomy code and ZIP code plus 4.

If you cannot obtain the desired information through the AVR system, please stay on the line to reach a customer assistance agent.

For instructions on using the AVR system, please refer to Chapter 3, Section 6 of the Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP) Provider Manual located on the Manuals page of indianamedicaid.com.