HIPAA 5010 Deadline July 1, 2012

HIPAA 5010 Deadline July 1, 2012

Beginning July 1, 1012, all incoming and outgoing electronic data interChange (EDI) transactions must be version 5010 compliant. This includes:

  • Incoming claims - 837I, 837P, 837D
  • Eligibility Inquiry and Response - 270/271
  • Claim Status Request and Response - 276/277
  • Electronic Remittance Advice - 835

Trading partners and providers that have not converted their electronic transactions to version 5010 by July 1, 2012, risk claim rejection and delay in payment of claims submitted electronically.

Providers using Web interChange to submit claims or verify eligibility do not need to take any action. Web interChange transactions are now version 5010-compliant.

Reminder for providers who use Omni terminals for eligibility verification

To activate version 5010 changes, providers using Omni terminals must download the enhancements to their Omni terminals before July 1, 2012. No previous versions of the Omni software will be functional after June 30, 2012. See bulletin BT201156 for detailed instructions on downloading version 5010 to your Omni terminal.

Contact the EDI Solutions Service Desk at 317-488-5160 or 1-877-877-5182 or email INXIXElectronicSolution@hp.com if you have any questions.