Welcome to the IHCP Workshop Registration Tool

The Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP) Workshop Registration Tool makes it easy for you to set up your workshop registrant profile and register for IHCP workshops and classes.

  • Create Registrant Profile - You must create a registrant profile before you can register for a workshop. If you try to register for courses without a registrant profile, we will not receive your information. If you are an IHCP provider, you will need your IHCP provider number to create a registrant profile.

    • Edit Registrant Information - Edit an existing Workshop Registrant profile to update contact information. The name and e-mail address fields are not editable on an existing profile. If this information has changed a new profile must be created.

  • Register for Workshop/Classes - Register for workshops and sign up for classes. You must have a registrant profile before you can register for a workshop or class.

  • Search for/View an Existing Registration - Search, view, and print your registration and class schedules for upcoming workshops.

  • Modify an Existing Registration - Change or add classes to workshops for which you are already registered. You can also ask to be added to the waiting list for courses that are full. You must have the confirmation number from your original registration to be added to a waiting list.

  • Workshop Registration Tool Quick Reference - The quick reference tool includes your contact information, as well as instructions for creating a registrant profile, registering for a workshop, and signing up for classes.

For questions or problems using the registration tools, please call the registration coordinator at (317) 488-5072.