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NL2014055/6/2014Reminder Ė Procedure and diagnosis code audit assignments under review; Virtual MDS/SDG training continues for LTC providers; IHCP eligibility changes affect aged, blind, or disabled; Sign up for the EHR Incentive Program
NL2014044/1/2014Changes to PEPW process effective April 1, 2014; Dental provider profiles to include additional information on serving children with special needs; Provider education opportunities; Electronic Health Records information for providers
NL2014033/4/2014Claim forms with missing or invalid ICD indicators returned to providers, Always obtain up-to-date provider enrollment forms, Training for LTC providers, Focused ICD-10 vendor testing, ICD-10 questions, First-quarter workshops, EHR incentive program
NL2014022/4/2014Revised CMS-1500 claim form being accepted, ICD indicators required on UB-04 claim forms, Training for LTC providers, Focused ICD-10 vendor testing March 1, EHR incentive program, First-quarter provider workshops, Test ICD-10 claims before October 1
NL2014011/7/2014ICD indicators required on UB-04 claim form, Revised CMS-1500 claim form now being accepted, IHCP ICD-10 testing under way, IHCP moves forward with DRG grouper, ICD-10 policy changes, ICD-10 answers, EHR incentive program, 2014 first-quarter workshops
NL20131212/3/2013HPE to begin January 1, CAQH CORE Phase III operating rules, IHCP transitions to new CMS-1500 paper claim form, ICD indicator required on UB-04 paper claim form, ICD-10, EHR incentive program, Seminar presentations online, Provider information updates
NL20131111/5/2013PA process changed for services reimbursed fee-for-service, ICD-10 and the APR-DRG, Two questions providers ask most often about ICD-10, Sign up for the EHR incentive program, CMS ICD-10 updates, Annual seminar held October 22-24
NL20131010/1/2013Charging members for services covered by the IHCP, EHR incentive program, Donít miss the 2013 IHCP Annual Provider Seminar, Partial code freeze for ICD-10, Sign up for the ICD-10 presentations at the annual seminar, Answers to your ICD-10 questions

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