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Bulletin # Date Topics Type
BT202144 06/15/2021 FQHC/RHC wraparound supplemental professional claim processing to change July 1 FQHC/RHC
BT202143 06/10/2021 IHCP clarifies physical medical care requirements for behavioral health professionals Behavioral Health
BT202142 06/08/2021 IHCP announces policy update for telehealth services All
BT202141 06/03/2021 IHCP updates FQHC and RHC encounter codes FQHC, RHC
BT202140 06/01/2021 Pharmacy updates approved by Drug Utilization Review Board May 2021 Pharmacy, Prescribing
BT202139 05/28/2021 IHCP introduces new process for submitting Policy Consideration requests All
Bt202138 05/27/2021 IHCP announces changes to 2022 contracts for Medicare Advantage plans focused on dually eligible members All
BT202137 05/25/2021 Expanded scope of licensed behavioral health professionals to certify a mental health diagnosis Behavioral Health
BT202136 05/18/2021 IHCP COVID-19 Response: IHCP announces EMS provider relief; apply by July 31, 2021 EMS, Transportation
BT202135 05/04/2021 IHCP clarifies PA criteria for HCPCS code J0791 Physician/Practitioner
BT202134 04/27/2021 Pharmacy updates approved by Drug Utilization Review Board April 2021 Pharmacy, Prescribing
BT202133 04/22/2021 Rates corrected for certain DME codes DME/HME
BT202132 04/20/2021 Pharmacies required to use Compound Ingredient Drug Cost field; reimbursement methodology updated Pharmacy, Prescribing
BT202131 04/13/2021 2021 IHCP Roadshow kicks off April 27 All
BT202130 04/08/2021 IHCP provides billing guidance for attendant care transportation options Waiver
BT202129 04/08/2021 DDRS waiver providers to provide COVID-19 vaccines to eligible FSW and CIH waiver members Waiver
BT202128 04/01/2021 Coverage and billing information for the April 2021 HCPCS codes update All
BT202127 04/01/2021 CMS approves FSSA request for attendant care transportation options Waiver
BT202126 03/30/2021 Additional codes covered for COVID-19 vaccine and treatment All
BT202125 03/30/2021 Pharmacy updates approved by Drug Utilization Review Board March 2021 Pharmacy, Prescribing

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