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Bulletin # Date Topics Type
BT202263 08/11/2022 IHCP expands practitioners allowed to order speech pathology services Home Health, Physician/Practitioner, Therapist
BT202262 08/09/2022 IHCP to cover COVID-19 vaccine for children as young as age 6 months All
BT202261 07/28/2022 IHCP revises Hospital Assessment Fee adjustment factors for outpatient and inpatient rates All
BT202260 07/28/2022 IHCP temporarily suspends MCE PA requirements for respiratory assist devices DME/HME
BT202259 07/28/2022 IHCP adds coverage for CT colonography screenings Clinic, Hospital, Physician/Practitioner, Radiology
BT202258 07/21/2022 OMPP clarifies care coordination policies with MCEs All
BT202257 07/19/2022 IHCP COVID-19 Response: August 12 is new deadline for HCBS wheelchair van and lift grant applications Transportation
BT202256 07/19/2022 IHCP establishes new Presumptive Eligibility rules for backdating and who can fill out an application Behavioral Health, Clinic, FQHC/RHC, Hospital, Physician/Practitioner, Other
BT202255 07/19/2022 IHCP clarifies prior authorization criteria for specialized car seats and car beds DME/HME; Ordering, Prescribing, or Referring; Physician/Practitioner
BT202254 07/19/2022 IHCP updates FQHC and RHC encounter codes FQHC/RHC
BT202253 07/14/2022 IHCP allows new POS code for FQHCs and RHCs July 21 FQHC/RHC
BT202252 07/07/2022 IHCP authorizes palivizumab RSV prophylaxis for high-risk IHCP members Ordering, Prescribing, or Referring; Pharmacy/Prescribing; Physician/Practitioner
BT202251 06/30/2022 Coverage and billing information for the July 2022 quarterly HCPCS codes update All
BT202250 06/30/2022 Reimagining training materials for provider readiness in the transition to MLTSS Home Health, Nursing Facility/Long Term Care, Waiver, DME/HME
BT202249 06/30/2022 IHCP adds additional coverage in response to SEA 284 telehealth billing guidance Behavioral Health
BT202248 06/30/2022 IHCP announces date of full enforcement of EVV for personal care services and other updates Waiver
BT202247 06/28/2022 IHCP to cover COVID-19 vaccine counseling as part of EPSDT benefit Physician/Practitioner
BT202246 06/28/2022 Pharmacy updates approved by Drug Utilization Review Board June 2022 Ordering, Prescribing or Referring; Pharmacy/Prescribing; Physician/Practitioner
BT202245 06/16/2022 IHCP COVID-19 Response: IHCP announces HCBS wheelchair van and lift grants apply by July 22 Transportation
BT202244 06/16/2022 IHCP updates PA criteria for HCPCS code Q2042 (Kymriah) Hospital; Ordering, Prescribing or Referring; Pharmacy/Prescribing; Physician/Practitioner

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