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Bulletin # Date Topics Type
BT202086 7/9/2020 IHCP COVID-19 Response: IHCP provides update on telemedicine policy All, Therapist
BT202085 7/2/2020 IHCP announces update to transportation policy for minors Transportation
BT202084 6/30/2020 July 2020 quarterly HCPCS code updates announced All
BT202083 6/30/2020 FSSA changes rates and services for the FSW and CIH Waiver Waiver
BT202082 6/30/2020 IHCP revises direct service provider requirement for IOT of members with SUD diagnosis Mental Health, Therapist
BT202081 6/30/2020 New transportation provider specialty Transportation Network Company (TNC), and how to enroll Transportation
BT202080 6/30/2020 Portal enhanced for Family Member transportation provider enrollment Transportation
BT202079 6/25/2020 IHCP revises Hospital Assessment Fee adjustment factors for outpatient and inpatient rates Ambulatory Surgical Center, Clinic, Hospital
BT202078 6/25/2020 Pharmacy updates approved by Drug Utilization Review Board June 2020 Pharmacy, Prescribing
BT202077 6/25/2020 IHCP announces changes to DRG grouper and inpatient hospital reimbursement rates Hospital, Rehabilitation Facility
BT202076 6/23/2020 FFS prior authorization telephone number change All
BT202075 6/23/2020 IHCP COVID-19 Response: Certain respiratory inhalers resume pre-COVID-19 requirements Pharmacy, Prescribing
BT202074 6/18/2020 IHCP COVID-19 Response: IHCP will update COVID-19 policy changes All
BT202073 6/16/2020 FSSA clarifies amendment to the AMHH State Plan benefit Waiver
BT202072 6/11/2020 IHCP COVID-19 Response: Managed care claim timely filing returns to 90 days All
BT202071 6/11/2020 IHCP COVID-19 Response: COVID-19 policy FAQs as of June 11, 2020 All
BT202070 6/9/2020 IHCP pharmacy benefits resumes pre-COVID-19 process for early refill requests June 1, 2020 Pharmacy, Prescribing
BT202069 6/4/2020 Correction made to lifetime cap in A&D and TBI waiver services Waiver
BT202068 5/28/2020 IHCP COVID-19 Response: Reimbursement updates for 86328 and 86769 Hospital, Laboratory
BT202067 5/28/2020 IHCP COVID-19 Response: IHCP publishes CMS revisions to transportation modifiers Transportation

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