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Bulletin # Date Topics Type
BT202011 2/18/2020 Additional information related to the 2020 annual HCPCS codes update All
BT202010 2/11/2020 IHCP expands coverage for genetic testing for breast cancer recurrence Physician/Practitioner
BT202009 1/30/2020 IHCP changes requirements for MCE emergency services claim processing Managed Care, Emergency
BT202008 1/28/2020 Pharmacy update approved by Drug Utilization Review Board January 2020 Pharmacy, Prescribing
BT202007 1/23/2020 Changes to location and time for January 24 provider meeting All
BT202006 1/23/2020 FSSA changes rate and methodology for A&D and TBI waiver services Waiver
BT202005 1/21/2020 FSSA announces amendment to the CMHW Program Mental Health
BT202004 1/16/2020 IHCP announces new IHCP Roadshow in 2020 All
BT202003 1/9/2020 IHCP gains federal approval to reimburse for acute SMI stays in IMDs Psych Residential Treatment Facility
BT202002 1/7/2020 IHCP revises policy for radiology services Radiology
BT202001 1/7/2020 Pharmacy update approved by Drug Utilization Review Board December 2019 Pharmacy, Prescriber
BT201978 12/31/2019 Coverage and billing information for the 2020 annual HCPCS codes update All
BT201977 12/31/2019 Claims for community health workers incorrectly denied Clinic, Physician
BT201976 12/26/2019 IHCP announces updates to obstetrical and gynecological services policies Physician/Practitioner
BT201975 12/26/2019 Certain denied claims may be resubmitted by January 31 for A&D HCBS case management services Waiver
BT201974 12/26/2019 IHCP to allow modifier UA for monthly billing of assisted living services Waiver
BT201973 12/19/2019 IHCP clarifies Package E Emergency Services Only coverage and billing All
BT201972 12/19/2019 Transportation providers will be able to enter insurance information via the Portal December 31 Transportation
BT201971 12/17/2019 IHCP removes therapy visit limit for Package C CHIP members All
BT201970 12/10/2019 IHCP explains submission of pharmacy crossover claims for select Medicare-eligible beneficiaries Pharmacy, Prescribing

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