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Bulletin # Date Topics Type
BT202105 01/21/2021 Reimbursement updates for COVID vaccine administration All, Pharmacy, Prescribing
BT202104 01/21/2021 IHCP clarifies coverage for substance use treatment Behavioral Health
BT202103 01/21/2021 Advance care planning criteria will remain the same for calendar year 2021 Nursing Facility, Long-Term Care
BT202102 01/14/2021 IHCP update for COVID-19 vaccination pharmacy claims ordered and administered by pharmacists Pharmacy, Prescribing
BT202101 01/12/2021 IHCP reimburses EMS provider agencies for COVID-19 vaccines administered by basic EMTs All, Ambulance
BT2020132 12/31/2020 IHCP announces updates for ICD-10 codes, effective January 1, 2021 All
BT2020131 12/29/2020 IHCP to continue EVV post and pay Home Health, Waiver
BT2020130 12/22/2020 FSSA announces CMS approval to BPHC service Waiver
BT2020129 12/17/2020 IHCP receives COVID-19 vaccine HCPCS update from CMS and AMA All
BT2020128 12/17/2020 IHCP to update rates for certain DME and medical supply items DME/HME
BT2020127 12/15/2020 IHCP to reimburse pharmacy providers for COVID-19 vaccine administration Pharmacy, Prescribing
BT2020126 12/15/2020 IHCP clarifies enrollment and billing requirements for newly added behavioral health professionals Behavioral Health
BT2020125 12/15/2020 2021 annual HCPCS update delayed All
BT2020124 12/10/2020 FSSA selects managed care entities to serve Hoosier Care Connect members All
BT2020123 12/10/2020 IHCP EVV implementation policy and FAQs provided as personal care service deadline nears HCBS, Home Health
BT2020122 12/01/2020 IHCP announces procedure codes for newly enrolled behavioral health professionals Behavioral Health
BT2020121 12/01/2020 Pharmacy updates approved by Drug Utilization Review Board November 2020 Pharmacy, Prescribing
BT2020120 12/01/2020 CMS announces new provider enrollment application fee for 2021 All
BT2020119 11/24/2020 Additional HCPCS 2020 code updates announced All
BT2020118 11/12/2020 IHCP will reimburse EMS provider agencies for administration of vaccines Paramedics, Advanced EMTs

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