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Bulletin # Date Topics Type
BT201834 7/10/2018 IHCP clarifies nonemergency medical transportation policy for dually eligible members All, Transportation
BT201833 7/5/2018 IHCP revises Hospital Assessment Fee adjustment factors for outpatient and inpatient rates Hospitals
BT201832 6/29/2018 July 2018 quarterly HCPCS code updates announced All
BT201831 6/26/2018 Pharmacy update approved by Drug Utilization Review Board June 2018 Pharmacy, Prescribing
BT201830 6/22/2018 IHCP will implement an extended transition period for facilities and EMS providers in move toward brokered NEMT services All, Transportation
BT201829 6/19/2018 IHCP to implement 180-day timely filing limit for FFS claims effective January 1, 2019 All
BT201828 6/12/2018 Home health rates for state fiscal year 2019 are effective July 1, 2018 Home Health
BT201827 6/12/2018 IHCP corrects information published about residential SUD treatment PA criteria Mental Health
BT201826 5/31/2018 IHCP adds coverage of community health worker services All
BT201825 5/29/2018 Pharmacy update approved by Drug Utilization Review Board May 2018 Pharmacy, Prescribing
BT201824 5/29/2018 IHCP to require end-of-therapy dates on nursing facility MDS resident reports effective July 1, 2018 Nursing Facilities
BT201823 5/29/2018 IHCP updates policy for vaccines administered by pharmacy providers Pharmacy, Prescribing
BT201822 5/25/2018 IHCP will implement a transition period for brokered NEMT services All, Transportation
BT201821 5/22/2018 IHCP responds to provider FAQs about residential SUD treatment benefits Mental Health
BT201820 5/15/2018 Federal law requires use of EVV system for personal care and home health services Waiver, Home Health
BT201819 5/8/2018 IHCP announces changes to DRG grouper All, Hospital
BT201818 5/3/2018 IHCP to cover pharmacy-only transports for FFS members All, Transportation, Pharmacy, Prescribing
BT201817 5/3/2018 Pharmacy update approved by Drug Utilization Review Board April 2018 Pharmacy, Prescribing
BT201816 5/2/2018 IHCP to implement NEMT broker services for FFS members, effective June 1, 2018 All, Transportation
BT201815 4/26/2018 Additional information provided from the April 2018 quarterly HCPCS update Hospital, Laboratory, Physician

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