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BR201925 6/18/2019 IHCP to mass adjust or mass reprocess claims that denied for certain hospital services; IHCP to allow reimbursement for CPT code 58661 under the Family Planning Eligibility Program; IHCP corrects published qualifications and supervision requirements for certain mental health providers Addiction Services, ASC, Clinic, Hospital, Mental Health, OPR, Physician/Practitioner, Rehabilitation Facility
BR201924 6/11/2019 IHCP to update pricing for CPT codes 92594, and 92595; Procedure codes reimbursable in the outpatient setting and linked to revenue code 636; IHCP announces change to domain names of file exchange website All, Audiologist, DME, Hearing Aid Dealer, Hospital, Pharmacy, Physician/Practitioner, School Corporation, Therapist
BR201923 6/4/2019 IHCP to update pricing for procedure codes 77371, 95943, and G0282; Provider Healthcare Portal to allow multiple provider types in a rendering provider profile; IHCP postpones date for including manually priced procedures in multiple surgery reimbursement reduction ASC, Audiologist, Chiropractor, Clinic, Dentist, End-Stage Renal Disease Clinic, Genetic Counseling, Hospital, Mental Health, Optometrist, Physician/Practitioner, Podiatrist, Radiology, Therapist, Waiver
BR201922 5/28/2019 IHCP postpones implementation of new DRG grouper; IHCP to announce more information about mass adjusting claim details that denied for certain hospital services; Sign up now for summer 2019 IHCP provider workshops All, Hospital
BR201921 5/21/2019 This banner page has been canceled.
BR201920 5/14/2019 IHCP to mass adjust or mass reprocess claims affected by prior authorization decrementing incorrectly; IHCP reminds providers of additional information required for renewing licenses; Save the date for the 2019 Summer IHCP provider workshops All, Dentist, Mental Health, Nursing Facility/Long Term Care, Pharmacy/Prescribing, Physician/Practitioner, Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility, Therapist
BR201919 5/7/2019 IHCP will no longer cover HCPCS code S9446; IHCP clarifies change to FQHC cost report for Fiscal Year 2019; IHCP to present live webinar about changes to filing claims and documenting medical records, May 14, 2019; IHCP to present live webinar about changes to provider enrollment requirements, May 21, 2019 All, CMHC, FQHC
BR201918 4/30/2019 IHCP to update pricing for certain physician-administered drug codes ASC, Clinic, Hospital, Physician/Practitioner, Pharmacy/Prescribing
BR201917 4/23/2019 IHCP updates NCCI medically unlikely edits for hospitals; IHCP will mass reprocess certain medical claims submitted on paper forms that denied incorrectly; IHCP corrects procedure codes allowable for vision services published in Banner Page BR201915 All, Hospital, Nursing Facility/Long Term Care, Optometrist, Physician/Practitioner, Rehabilitation Facility
BR201916 4/16/2019 IHCP to include manually priced procedures in multiple surgery reimbursement reduction, effective June 1, 2019; IHCP will mass reprocess claims for inpatient services that adjudicated incorrectly due to present on admission reporting Advanced Practice Nurse, ASC, Clinic, End-Stage Renal Disease Clinic, Genetic Counseling, Hospital, Optometrist, Physician Assistant, Physician, Podiatrist
BR201915 4/9/2019 IHCP to correct vision code sets, and reprocess or adjust vision services claims that denied incorrectly; IHCP reminds providers of revised billing for ABA therapy services, and codes to be end dated June 30, 2019; IHCP clarifies revenue code linkages to procedure codes for billing transcranial magnetic stimulation services; IHCP clarifies coverage for Hoosier Healthwise members during retroactive eligibility period; IHCP reminds providers of new administrative code requirement for documenting medical records All, Hospital, Mental Health, OPR, Optician, Optometrist, Physician/Practitioner, Radiology, Therapist
BR201914 4/2/2019 IHCP reminds providers that certain paper claims require the TPL/Medicare special attachment form; CMS awards new contractor for National Correct Coding Initiative Medicare and Medicaid program; IHCP to present live webinar for diabetes educators, April 18, 2019; IHCP corrects reimbursement for certain crisis intervention services published in Banner Page BR201908 All, Mental Health, Physician/Practitioner
BR201913 3/26/2019 IHCP to mass reprocess or mass adjust additional claims for services that denied inappropriately; IHCP reminds providers of reimbursement guidelines for infusion services; restriction will be implemented in CoreMMIS ASC, Clinic, Hospital, DME, HME, Transportation
BR201912 3/19/2019 Procedure codes 95976, 95977, and 95983 linked to revenue codes 920 and 929; IHCP revises reimbursement guidelines for BRCA genetic testing services; IHCP clarifies billing for psychotherapy, evaluation, and management services on the same day ASC, Hospital, Laboratory, Mental Health, Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility
BR201911 3/12/2019 IHCP to cover CPT code 87506 in the outpatient setting; IHCP updates Professional Fee Schedule and clarifies how to find ASC pricing on the provider website; IHCP includes certain procedure codes in the renal dialysis composite rate ASC, Clinic, End Stage Renal Disease Clinic, Hospital
BR201910 3/5/2019 IHCP corrects rate for CPT code 80410; IHCP to present live webinar for mental health providers, March 14, 2019 Hospital, Laboratory, Mental Health
BR201909 2/26/2019 Providers may resubmit medical claims for HCPCS code E0154 that denied incorrectly; Providers may resubmit claims for certain DME services that denied incorrectly; IHCP to assign ASC pricing indicator to CPT code 22856; Procedure codes 95808, 95810, and 95811 linked to revenue codes 920, and 929 and assigned maximum fee pricing; IHCP reminds providers of early refill requirements for pharmacy claims reimbursement; IHCP reminds providers of requirements for medically accepted indication for drug reimbursement; IHCP corrects revenue code for billing with procedure codes 99217 99220 published in Banner Page BR201908 ASC, DME, Hospital, Mental Health, Pharmacy
BR201908 2/19/2019 IHCP to remove ASC pricing indicator from CPT codes 36591, 36592, and 36593; IHCP reminds providers of existing policy for procedure codes appended with anesthesia modifiers; IHCP clarifies basic instructions for SUD billing of certain services; IHCP to enhance Portal for viewing high volumes of claims associated with a payment; IHCP will accept current Consent for Sterilization forms until CMS notifies of updated forms All, ASC, Clinic, Hospital, Mental Health, Physician
BR201907 2/12/2019 IHCP to enhance security on the Provider Healthcare Portal; New program integrity behavioral health and ABA documentation guidelines now available All, Mental Health
BR201906 2/5/2019 DXC Technology to mail 2018 IRS 1099-MISC tax forms to providers; IHCP to mass adjust certain claims for drugs due to a processing error All

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