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BR201829 7/17/2018 IHCP clarifies coordination requirements with Southeastrans for facility transport scenarios; NEMT town hall presentations and FAQs available for reference; Portal enhancements allow providers to view dental, professional, and institutional claim attachments; Applied Behavioral Analysis PA Checklist updated All, Behavioral Health, Mental Health, Transportation
BR201828 7/10/2018 IHCP to cover CPT code C9492; IHCP to update pricing for CPT codes 99601 and 99602; IHCP clarifies policies regarding nonemergency medical transportation services rendered to members with retroactive eligibility; IHCP removes certain procedure codes from the renal dialysis composite rate All, APN, ESRD Clinic, Hospital, Physician, Physician Asst, Transportation
BR201827 7/3/2018 IHCP to cover CPT code 93050; IHCP to cover CPT code 65785; New program integrity audit process training now available; IHCP links additional procedure codes to specialty 140 - Podiatrist All, Podiatrist
BR201826 6/26/2018 IHCP to cover CPT code 0398T; ASC pricing indicator assigned to CPT code 27447; New skin substitute HCPCS codes linked to revenue code 636; CPT codes 77425, 80500, and 80502 assigned maximum fee pricing; IHCP enforces restrictions on dental services through new system audits; Claim number required for claim administrative review requests and claim appeals All, Ambulatory Surgical Center, Hospital, Physician, Dental
BR201825 6/19/2018 IHCP to cover CPT code 22857; IHCP to require NDCs on claims for low osmolar contrast material; IHCP to cover home INR monitoring codes; IHCP adds coverage of fenestrated endovascular repair procedures for aortic aneurysms; IHCP reminds providers of policy alignment with Medicare for inpatient-only codes; Certain procedure codes no longer considered inpatient-only; ASC pricing indicators assigned to CPT codes 27477 and 27485; PRTF PA request attachments via the Portal All, Ambulatory Surgical Center, Hospital, Physician
BR201824 6/12/2018 IHCP enhances the Portal with NEMT eligibility information; IHCP corrects information about linking rendering providers to multiple group service locations in a single Portal transaction All, Transportation
BR201823 6/5/2018 IHCP identifies system issues with processing outpatient claims for certain revenue codes Ambulatory Surgical Center, Clinic, Hospital
BR201822 5/29/2018 IHCP to mass adjust or mass reprocess certain institutional claims that denied incorrectly for revenue code-to-procedure code combinations; IHCP to apply CMS billing guidelines for professional claims with certain surgical modifiers; Transition to single Customer Assistance telephone number to be finalized; IHCP enhances IHCP fee schedule references on the provider website All, Anesthesiologist, Advanced Practice Nurse, Hospital, Physician, Physician Assistant
BR201821 5/22/2018 IHCP issues guidance for billing and rebilling inpatient rehabilitation encounters; IHCP to include level of need information for the MRO benefit on the Portal; IHCP Portal to allow rendering provider linkages to multiple group service locations in a single transaction; IHCP to hold dental listening sessions at locations around the state in June; Sign up now for Summer 2018 IHCP provider workshops All, Community Mental Health Center, Dentist, Rehabilitation Facility
BR201820 5/15/2018 IHCP reminds providers of service location address requirements for professional and institutional claims All
BR201819 5/8/2018 HCPCS code J7340 linked to revenue code 636; IHCP to mass reprocess MRO claims for maternity members that denied inappropriately; IHCP to update pricing for HCPCS code J7178; IHCP clarifies billing guidance for blood factor HCPCS codes; IHCP reminds providers of W-9 requirements for provider enrollment transactions All, Ambulatory Surgical Center, Clinic, Home Health Agency, Hospital, Nursing Facility
BR201818 5/1/2018 IHCP to cover HCPCS code J7186; IHCP removes gender restriction on ICD-10-CM code Z15.81; IHCP corrects rate for CPT code 80410; IHCP to mass reprocess inpatient and inpatient crossover claims that may have denied incorrectly; IHCP reminds home health providers of cost-reporting obligations; IHCP moves to ADA 2012 dental claim form; Save the date for the 2018 Summer IHCP provider workshops All, Ambulatory Surgical Center, Dentist, Home Health Agency, Hospital, Physician
BR201817 4/24/2018 This banner page has been canceled.
BR201816 4/17/2018 IHCP to mass adjust hospice claims that paid incorrectly due to NF retroactive rate adjustments; Providers required to use the Portal or IVR system to verify claim status; Medicare Part D prescription drug copayment issue corrected; IHCP recognizes additional training certification for physician-administered topical fluoride varnish All, Hospice, Pharmacy, Physician
BR201815 4/10/2018 IHCP updates the maximum fee rates for CPT codes 01953 and 99140; CPT code 99195 linked to revenue code 940 and a maximum fee assigned All, Advanced Practice Nurse, Ambulatory Surgical Center, Hospital, Physician, Physician Assistant
BR201814 4/3/2018 IHCP to cover CPT code 90682; IHCP to cover CPT Code 81528; New dental provider training now available; IHCP revises periodontal maintenance policy; IHCP to mass adjust inpatient claims that did not have HAF or ICD-10-PCS codes applied appropriately; IHCP to mass adjust or mass reprocess certain claims that adjudicated incorrectly in CoreMMIS All, Anesthesiologist, Dentist, Physician, Hospital
BR201813 3/27/2018 Portal upgrade will allow electronic submission of fingerprint confirmation information; IHCP to mass reprocess LTC claims for retroactive rate adjustments that may have denied incorrectly All, Nursing Facility
BR201812 3/20/2018 CMS to issue new Medicare cards with new identification numbers; IHCP clarifies the procedure codes for chemodenervation for use with botulinum toxin injections; IHCP clarifies reimbursement restrictions for dental anesthesia codes; RSV season modified to end April 15, 2018 All, Dentist, Prescribers, Pharmacy, Physician
BR201811 3/13/2018 IHCP removes restrictions for dental code D9920 when billed with other dental anesthesia codes; IHCP to update pricing for certain procedure codes and assign ASC pricing indicator to code 96377; IHCP air ambulance transportation policy applies to rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft; IHCP clarifies provider requirements for SUD Residential Treatment Facilities All, Addiction Services, Ambulatory Surgical Center, Dentist, Mental Health, Transportation
BR201810 3/6/2018 IHCP to update the mileage rate for HCPCS code A0090 and mass adjust claims; Medicare Part D prescription drug copayments may have calculated incorrectly; IHCP updates pricing for certain laboratory codes; IHCP to update pricing and reimbursement requirements for certain dialysis codes All, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Transportation

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