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BR202240 10/4/2022 Providers may resubmit claims for HCPCS code J3070 that denied incorrectly All
BR202239 9/27/2022 IHCP reminds providers to register for the 2022 IHCP Works annual seminar All
BR202238 9/20/2022 This banner page has been canceled.
BR202237 9/13/2022 IHCP will reprocess or mass adjust claims for procedure codes Q5105 and Q5106; Pricing updated for certain physician-administered drug codes; Pricing updated for certain physician-administered vaccine codes All
BR202236 9/6/2022 HCBS Provider Stabilization Grant impact; IHCP reminds providers of timely PA requests; IHCP removes PA requirements from the associated CPT procedure codes for spinal cord stimulators All, Ambulatory Surgical Center, DME/HME, Hospital, Physician/Practitioner
BR202235 8/30/2022 IHCP clarifies age-range restrictions for Z00.00; IHCP corrects rate for HCPCS codes M0222 and M0223 Clinic, Hospital, Physician/Practitioner
BR202234 8/23/2022 IHCP will mass reprocess claims for inpatient services that adjudicated incorrectly for POA diagnosis Hospital
BR202233 8/16/2022 This banner page has been canceled.
BR202232 8/9/2022 IHCP to cover HCPCS code 90759; IHCP reminds providers of plan of care requirement Behavior Health, Ambulatory Surgical Center, Clinic, FQHC/RHC, Hospital, Physician/Practitioner
BR202231 8/2/2022 IHCP announces paid opportunity to participate in Aging and Disability Staff Stability Survey; IHCP to cover HCPCS code 90759; Sandata to host alternative EVV vendor townhalls for home health Ambulatory Surgical Center, Clinic, FQHC/RHC, Hospital, Physician/Practitioner, Waiver, Home Health
BR202230 7/26/2022 IHCP removes prior authorization for electric breast pumps DME/HME
BR202229 7/19/2022 Division of Aging announces service additions to the A&D Waiver; Save the date for the 2022 IHCP Works Seminar All, Waiver
BR202228 7/12/2022 This banner page has been canceled.
BR202227 7/5/2022 IHCP to mass adjust or mass reprocess claims for CPT codes 9359393598; Gainwell email addresses changing from @dxc to Physician/Practitioner; All
BR202226 6/28/2022 FSSA reminds PRTF providers of rate changes for 2022; IHCP issues reminder and general guidance to facilitate prior authorization submissions; FSSA reminds waiver providers of the temporary rate for assisted living services ends June 30, 2022 All; Physician/Practitioner
BR202225 6/21/2022 IHCP to apply cost avoidance for members with LTC insurance and members enrolled in a PE benefit plan; IHCP to host live webinar on age-specific diagnoses, June 30, 2022 All
BR202224 6/14/2022 IHCP updates documentation requirements for sterilization services, revises code set; IHCP to mass adjust or mass reprocess claims for CPT codes 91132 and 91133; IHCP corrects rates for HCPCS codes J1650, J9017, J9263 and Q0161; IHCP advises long-term care providers of issue with June 2022 patient liabilities All; Clinic; Physician/Practitioner; Radiology
BR202223 6/7/2022 IHCP to mass reprocess outpatient crossover claims that denied incorrectly; IHCP will accept current Consent for Sterilization forms until CMS notifies of updated forms Hospital; Ambulatory Surgical Center; Anesthesiologist; Clinic; Physician/Practitioner
BR202222 5/31/2022 IHCP provides results of review year 2021 CMS PERM, announces review year 2024 CMS PERM All
BR202221 5/24/2022 IHCP to mass reprocess or mass adjust professional claims denied for EOB 4096; IHCP to adjust claims for procedure code M0220; IHCP adds coverage for canalith repositioning therapy Ambulatory Surgical Center; Clinic; Hospital; Physician/Practitioner; All

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