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BR201746 11/14/2017 IHCP reminds providers that hepatitis C drugs are “carved out” of managed care and covered FFS; IHCP to revise rates for select clinical laboratory services based on 2018 Medicare rates; IHCP clarifies guidance regarding managed care members transitioning from IMDs to state-operated facilities Pharmacy, Clinic, Laboratory, Mental Health, All
BR201745 11/7/2017 IHCP will remove age restrictions on certain diagnosis codes and mass reprocess claims that denied inappropriately; IHCP reminds providers of January 1 deadline to update rendering provider linkages; IHCP delays changes to taxonomy code requirements on claims for attending, operating, and OPR providers; IHCP corrects inpatient hospital services code table on website All, OPR, Hospital, Mental Health
BR201744 10/31/2017 IHCP standardizes written communications with providers and members; IHCP unveils new look for website All
BR201743 10/24/2017 IHCP assigns maximum-fee pricing to CPT codes 77065, 77066, and 77067; IHCP to mass adjust or mass reprocess claims for HCPCS code H0035 that denied incorrectly; IHCP links CPT code 0474T to revenue code 940 and updates pricing; IHCP to update outpatient reimbursement methodology for cardiology revenue codes All, Ambulatory Surgical Center, Institutional
BR201742 10/17/2017 Diabetes management codes linked to additional provider specialties; IHCP to add allowable diagnosis codes for chiropractic services; Prior authorization is no longer required for CPT codes 92592 and 92593; IHCP provider enrollment inventory at normal levels; IHCP reminds providers of claim requirements for coverage of emergency services; All, Audiologist, Chiropractor, Podiatrist, Optometrist
BR201741 10/10/2017 IHCP to update CLIA certificate of waiver for code 87633; IHCP to add attachment requirement when billing HCPCS code S8121; IHCP clarifies IRS W-9 requirements for provider enrollment transactions; IHCP offers new provider education training-Non-emergency transportation training now posted; IHCP revises date for viewing new Provider Profile information in the Portal; IHCP clarifies process for OPR providers to change their enrollment status All, OPR, Laboratory, Transportation
BR201740 10/3/2017 IHCP to mass adjust nursing facility; hospice and PRTF claims for patient liability; IHCP to mass reprocess LTC claims that denied inappropriately; IHCP to reprocess or mass adjust claims for psychiatric therapy services that adjudicated incorrectly; IHCP will not reimburse for FluMist for the 2017-2018 flu season; Providers now able to view additional profile information in the Portal All, Mental Health, LTC, Waiver
BR201739 9/26/2017 IHCP reminds providers how to interpret PA status All
BR201738 9/19/2017 IHCP to mass adjust MFP-A&D assisted living services claims; IHCP corrects CLIA classification and scope of mass adjustment of claims for CPT code 80305; IHCP clarifies enrollment requirements for providing OTP-specific services All, Laboratory, Addiction services, OPR
BR201737 9/12/2017 CoreMMIS corrected to properly adjudicate certain neonate inpatient claims; IHCP to cover HCPCS code C9489; IHCP to mass adjust or mass reprocess certain dental claims that denied for EOB 4211; IHCP clarifies billing for services during the presumptive eligibility period; IHCP clarifies billing for PASRR and MRT services; Place of Service Code field required for pharmacy claims; IHCP makes Applied Behavioral Analysis PA Checklist available; Marriott is accepting reservations for the 2017 IHCP Annual Provider Seminar All, Pharmacy, Dental, Hospitals
BR201736 9/5/2017 This banner page has been canceled.
BR201735 8/29/2017 Clarification of IHCP TPL/Medicare Special Attachment Form instructions; Code Sets corrected for provider specialties 200 – Audiologists, and 220– Hearing Aid Dealers All, Audiologist, Hearing Aid Dealer
BR201734 8/22/2017 Member eligibility verification to include MCE delivery network; IHCP notifies pharmacy providers of address change for submitting manual FFS claims All, Pharmacy
BR201733 8/15/2017 IHCP makes updates to lab codes subject to HAF; Mark your calendars for the IHCP 2017 Annual Provider Seminar All, Hospitals
BR201732 8/8/2017 IHCP to update CLIA procedure codes and mass adjust claims; IHCP updates list of dental codes that require a tooth number for billing; IHCP clarifies requirements regarding the treatment of assets for nursing facility providers All, Dental
BR201731 8/1/2017 IHCP to cover HCPCS code S0073- Aztreonam, injection, 500 mg; IHCP to mass-adjust or mass-reprocess claims for crisis intervention services; IHCP providers experiencing delays with provider enrollment transactions; IHCP extends deadline to update rendering provider linkages for proper claim adjudication to January 1, 2018; Providers may resubmit claims that denied inappropriately for EOB 2504 All
BR201730 7/25/2017 CMS approves deactivation of NCCI MUE for A0425;IHCP adds diagnosis codes for services covered under the Family Planning Eligibility Program;IHCP to revise the DME and medical supply items included in the LTC facility per diem rate;IHCP to reimburse for certain procedures rendered by LCACs All, Transportation, LTC Facilities
BR201729 7/18/2017 Income limits now calculating correctly for presumptive eligibility applications; IHCP makes pharmacy benefit information readily accessible on provider website All
BR201728 7/11/2017 IHCP establishes a Podiatry Services Code Set; Authorization numbers for PA requests are no longer case-sensitive in the Provider Healthcare Portal All, podiatrist
BR201727 7/4/2017 This banner page has been canceled.

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