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BR201912 3/19/2019 Procedure codes 95976, 95977, and 95983 linked to revenue codes 920 and 929; IHCP revises reimbursement guidelines for BRCA genetic testing services; IHCP clarifies billing for psychotherapy, evaluation, and management services on the same day ASC, Hospital, Laboratory, Mental Health, Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility
BR201911 3/12/2019 IHCP to cover CPT code 87506 in the outpatient setting; IHCP updates Professional Fee Schedule and clarifies how to find ASC pricing on the provider website; IHCP includes certain procedure codes in the renal dialysis composite rate ASC, Clinic, End Stage Renal Disease Clinic, Hospital
BR201910 3/5/2019 IHCP corrects rate for CPT code 80410; IHCP to present live webinar for mental health providers, March 14, 2019 Hospital, Laboratory, Mental Health
BR201909 2/26/2019 Providers may resubmit medical claims for HCPCS code E0154 that denied incorrectly; Providers may resubmit claims for certain DME services that denied incorrectly; IHCP to assign ASC pricing indicator to CPT code 22856; Procedure codes 95808, 95810, and 95811 linked to revenue codes 920, and 929 and assigned maximum fee pricing; IHCP reminds providers of early refill requirements for pharmacy claims reimbursement; IHCP reminds providers of requirements for medically accepted indication for drug reimbursement; IHCP corrects revenue code for billing with procedure codes 99217 99220 published in Banner Page BR201908 ASC, DME, Hospital, Mental Health, Pharmacy
BR201908 2/19/2019 IHCP to remove ASC pricing indicator from CPT codes 36591, 36592, and 36593; IHCP reminds providers of existing policy for procedure codes appended with anesthesia modifiers; IHCP clarifies basic instructions for SUD billing of certain services; IHCP to enhance Portal for viewing high volumes of claims associated with a payment; IHCP will accept current Consent for Sterilization forms until CMS notifies of updated forms All, ASC, Clinic, Hospital, Mental Health, Physician
BR201907 2/12/2019 IHCP to enhance security on the Provider Healthcare Portal; New program integrity behavioral health and ABA documentation guidelines now available All, Mental Health
BR201906 2/5/2019 DXC Technology to mail 2018 IRS 1099-MISC tax forms to providers; IHCP to mass adjust certain claims for drugs due to a processing error All
BR201905 1/29/2019 IHCP clarifies billing guidance for consumable DME and HME supplies DME, HME
BR201904 1/22/2019 IHCP to update procedure code rates for Money Follows the Person - Aged and Disabled Waiver services; Sign up now for spring 2019 IHCP provider workshops All, Waiver
BR201903 1/15/2019 IHCP to mass adjust additional institutional claims to apply Hospital Assessment Fee adjustment factors Hospital
BR201902 1/8/2019 IHCP to mass reprocess FQHC and RHC claims for HCPCS code T1015 that may have denied inappropriately Clinic, Podiatrist
BR201901 1/1/2019 This banner page has been canceled.
BR201852 12/25/2018 This banner page has been canceled.
BR201851 12/18/2018 IHCP to mass adjust claims to which patient liability deductions were applied incorrectly; IHCP clarifies guidance regarding NEMT services for members eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare All, transportation
BR201850 12/11/2018 IHCP to assign ASC pricing indicator to CPT code 96379; IHCP clarifies billing guidance for Intensive Outpatient Program services; IHCP reminds providers of the 180-day timely filing limit for FFS claims All, ASC, Hospital, Mental Health
BR201849 12/4/2018 IHCP to revise rates for select clinical laboratory services based on 2019 Medicare rates; IHCP corrects rate for HCPCS code C9031; IHCP reminds dental providers that transition to the ADA 2012 claim form will be fully implemented January 1, 2019; IHCP requests providers submit enrollment transactions via the Portal All, Advanced Practice Nurse, ASC, Chiropractor, Dental, Hospital, Laboratory, Mental Health, Optometrist, Pharmacy, Physician, Physician Assistant, Podiatrist, Public Health Agency, Radiology
BR201848 11/27/2018 IHCP to mass adjust claims for certain hospital services that processed without the 3% reduction applied; IHCP to change type of bill code for small ICF/IID claims effective January 1, 2019 Hospice, Hospital
BR201847 11/20/2018 IHCP clarifies guidance for billing service intensity add-on payments with hospice services; Providers may resubmit claims for Family Planning Eligibility Program members that denied incorrectly; IHCP reminds providers that Hoosier Care Connect hospice benefits will be responsibility of the enrolling health plans; New program integrity self-disclosure protocol training now available All, Clinic, Hospice, OPR, Physician, Public Health Agency
BR201846 11/13/2018 IHCP revises policy regarding outpatient mental health services limitations for certain procedure codes; IHCP reminds providers of the 180-day timely filing limit for FFS claims; IHCP reminds providers of cost-sharing obligation limit for Medicaid members; Portal enhanced to display Right Choices Program PMP when verifying member eligibility All, Mental Health
BR201845 11/6/2018 Clarification regarding physician-administered drugs carved out of managed care; CMS updates NCCI medically unlikely edits for HCPCS code J1726 Makena; IHCP to mass reprocess or mass adjust professional claims that adjudicated incorrectly in CoreMMIS All, ASC, DME, Hospital, Physician, Waiver

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