Web interChange

Web interChange is an interactive web application that allows you to access the Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP) computer system through the Internet. Web interChange is fast, reliable, secure, free and does not require special software.

Using Web interChange, you can perform the following transactions:

  • Submit IHCP Claims
  • View Claims Status Online
  • View Remittance Advice
  • Request Prior Authorization
  • Inquire about Checks
  • Maintain your Provider Profile
  • Verify Member Eligibility
  • Administration


Web interChange is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant for direct data entry (DDE). Encryption and secured socket layer (SSL) connections protect the data in transit.

HIPAA security regulations require that passwords are not shared; therefore, each user of Web interChange must have a unique user ID.

Each organization must designate a Web interChange administrator if they do not already have one. The administrator creates and maintains user accounts within an organization. Users can choose their own unique User ID. The administrator also assigns specific Web interChange access rights to users according to the user's business needs, maintains compliance with HIPAA standards and resets user passwords when needed.

User Assistance

The Web interChange site includes online help, frequently asked questions, and other information to assist users.

More Information

For more information about Web interChange see the following: