Indiana CoreMMIS

The Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP) uses a new information management system called CoreMMIS, which stands for Core Medicaid Management Information System. CoreMMIS enhances the IHCP's program management capabilities, including the ability to more accurately and efficiently adjudicate claims in alignment with IHCP coverage policies and national billing guidelines.

Providers interface with CoreMMIS through an online Provider Healthcare Portal (Portal). The Portal allows providers to easily conduct business transactions with the IHCP. See the IHCP Provider Healthcare Portal page for more information.

Provider Healthcare Portal Registration

To conduct business with the IHCP, providers need to create a unique, secure Provider account in the Portal for each IHCP-enrolled service location. A designated representative must be assigned to create the Provider account. The Provider account representative has full access to all information related to the service location, and also assigns and manages all other staff - called delegates - with Portal access for that service location. See CoreMMIS BT201661 for more information and for links to the web-based training on the registration process.


Authorized representatives and delegates can access the Portal to register a secure account.


CoreMMIS bulletins were issued to communicate important system details regarding CoreMMIS and the Portal in advance of system implementation. The following table lists all CoreMMIS bulletins, with the most recently published listed first. (Please be aware that earlier publications include some information that is obsolete and was superseded by information in the more recent publications.) Publications related to CoreMMIS and the Portal after implementation are released as regular IHCP Bulletins and Banner Pages and are not listed on this page. These publications can be accessed through the Bulletins and Banner Pages web pages on this website.

CoreMMIS Bulletins

Date Published



February 14, 2017 ICHP provides additional claim-related guidance for the new CoreMMIS BT201715 Printer-friendly
February 10, 2017 IHCP to update the Fee Schedule with CoreMMIS implementation BT201712 Printer-friendly
February 10, 2017 Find key CoreMMIS and Provider Healthcare Portal bulletins, training, and resources here! BT201711 Printer-friendly
January 20, 2017 IHCP sets new CoreMMIS implementation date of February 13, 2017 BT201710 Printer-friendly
January 19, 2017 NCCI MUE edits deactivated for certain ABA therapy procedure codes in CoreMMIS BT201705 Printer-friendly
January 12, 2017 How to use Medicaid Rehabilitation Option provider functions on the new Portal BT201703 Printer-friendly
December 20, 2016 Clarification of CoreMMIS billing guideline changes for home health and hospice services BT201693 Printer-friendly
December 1, 2016 ABA therapy claims may deny for NCCI MUE edits in CoreMMIS BT201687 Printer-friendly
November 30, 2016 Update on CoreMMIS implementation BT201683 Printer-friendly
November 23, 2016 IHCP prepared to assist providers in a smooth transition to CoreMMIS BT201680 Printer-friendly
November 22, 2016 Provider enrollment functions available through the Provider Healthcare Portal BT201679 Printer-friendly
November 17, 2016 Provider Healthcare Portal training available at BT201676 Printer-friendly
November 10, 2016 IHCP reminds providers to prepare for the transition to CoreMMIS on December 5, 2016 BT201674 Printer-friendly
November 4, 2016 IHCP issues general guidance for the new CoreMMIS BT201673 Printer-friendly
November 1, 2016 CoreMMIS billing guidance: Part III BT201671 Printer-friendly
October 27, 2016 Presumptive eligibility processes will transition to CoreMMIS and the new Portal BT201670 Printer-friendly
October 25, 2016 CoreMMIS billing guidance: Part II BT201669 Printer-friendly
October 20, 2016 CoreMMIS billing guidance: Part I BT201667 Printer-friendly
October 18, 2016 EHR attestations to be temporarily suspended due to transition to CoreMMIS and the Portal BT201664 Printer-friendly
October 7, 2016 Anticipate temporary suspension of IHCP transactions with transition to CoreMMIS and the new Portal BT201662 Printer-friendly
October 6, 2016 Register now on the Provider Healthcare Portal BT201661 Printer-friendly
September 29, 2016 IHCP will implement CoreMMIS on December 5, 2016 BT201658 Printer-friendly
September 13, 2016 Get to Know the Provider Healthcare Portal BT201650 Printer-friendly
May 5, 2016 IHCP advises providers to update billing practices to get ready for CoreMMIS BT201624 Printer-friendly
November 24, 2015 CoreMMIS and Portal "go-live" date postponed BT201604 Printer-friendly
November 10, 2015 IHCP revises guidance for submitting TPL and Medicare information on certain claim types BT201576 Printer-friendly
November 3, 2015 Provider Healthcare Portal training now available at BT201603 Printer-friendly
September 3, 2015 Stay informed and be ready for the new CoreMMIS and Provider Healthcare Portal! BT201602 Printer-friendly
August 27, 2015 The Provider Healthcare Portal will replace Web interChange! BT201601 Printer-friendly

CoreMMIS Provider FAQs

Trading Partner Communications

Trading partners are entities that exchange electronic data, such as batch claims or eligibility requests and responses, with the IHCP. To make sure trading partner billing processes and systems are compatible with CoreMMIS, ensure that software vendors, billing services, and clearinghouses are aware of how the new system affects them. Publications directed toward trading partners are available on the What's New For EDI Trading Partners page.

Provider Education Opportunities

Web-based training sessions on the Portal are available. These sessions, as well as instructor-led training opportunities, will help providers and their designated delegates take advantage of the many new features available on the Portal. Find out more on the Provider Education page.