Indiana CoreMMIS

The Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP) is replacing its current information processing system, IndianaAIM, with the new CoreMMIS, which stands for Core Medicaid Management Information System. CoreMMIS will be a more modern system that more accurately and efficiently adjudicates claims in alignment with IHCP coverage policies and national billing guidelines.

Along with CoreMMIS, a new provider interface called the Provider Healthcare Portal (Portal) will replace Web interChange.

Provider Healthcare Portal Registration

Providers will need to create a unique, secure Provider account for each IHCP-enrolled service location to conduct business with the IHCP when the new CoreMMIS system is implemented. A designated representative must be assigned to create the Provider account. This representative will have full access to all information related to the service location and will also assign and manage all other staff with Portal access for that service location. See CoreMMIS BT201661 for more information and for links to the web-based training on the registration process.


Authorized representatives and delegates can access the Portal to register a secure account.


Provider Communications

CoreMMIS bulletins and other reference documents posted to this web page will communicate important system details, including transition dates, as well as information about how and when to register for the Portal. Providers are encouraged to sign up to receive email notifications of CoreMMIS bulletins and all IHCP provider communications using the blue envelope icon on this site.

CoreMMIS bulletins

CoreMMIS Provider FAQs

Trading Partner Communications

Trading partners are entities that exchange electronic data, such as batch claims or eligibility requests and responses, with the IHCP. To make sure trading partner billing processes and systems are ready for the implementation of CoreMMIS, ensure that software vendors, billing services, and clearinghouses are aware of the upcoming changes for trading partners. A publication containing this important information has been emailed to all active trading partners and is available on the What's New For EDI Trading Partners page.

Provider Education Opportunities

Web-based training on the NEW Portal is now available! To take advantage of the many new features available on the Portal, providers and their designated representatives, known as delegates, need to learn how to use the new system. Find out more on the Provider Healthcare Portal Training page.

Transition Schedule

See CoreMMIS BT201662.