Indiana medicaid Electronic Health Records (EHR) Incentive Program

Since May 2, 2011, the state of Indiana has participated in the federal EHR Incentive Program, funded through the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 authorizes the CMS to provide incentives for eligible professionals (EPs) and eligible hospitals (EHs) as practices and hospitals adopt, implement, upgrade, or demonstrate meaningful use (MU) of certified EHR technology (CEHRT) (see EHR Incentive Programs on the CMS website at

The implementation of the EHR initiative is a major cornerstone in improving providers' access to health information, coordination of care, and health outcomes for Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP) members. In the first year, providers can receive incentive payments for adopting, implementing, or upgrading EHR technology. Providers must demonstrate meaningful use in following years to receive incentive payments.



Eligible Professionals May Attest to Meaningful Use for EHR Program Year 2014 Beginning May 1, 2014

Indiana began accepting Program Year 2014 MU attestations for EPs May 1, 2014. The Medical Assistance Provider Incentive Repository (MAPIR) was upgraded in May 2014 to comply with Program Year 2014 changes. Please note that all IHCP providers that attest for MU during Program Year 2014 will have a 90-day reporting period.

For additional information, please contact the the Indiana Medicaid EHR Help Desk at (317) 488-5137 or 1-855-856-9563, or send your inquiries to


Program Deadlines

The Indiana deadline for eligible professionals (EPs) to attest for any Electronic Health Records (EHR) Incentive Payment Program Year is the last day of the calendar year. A 60-day grace period is allowed following the last day of the calendar year. For example, the last day to attest for Program Year 2013 is December 31, 2013, with the 60-day grace period extending the submission date for EPs' attestations to no later than February 28, 2014.

The deadline for eligible hospitals (EHs) to attest for any EHR Incentive Payment Program Year is the last day of the federal fiscal year (FFY). A 60-day grace period is allowed following the last day of the FFY. For example, the last day for EHs to attest for Program Year 2013 was September 30, 2013, with the 60-day grace period extending the date for EHs' attestation submission to no later than November 30, 2013.

Interactive Presentation of Indiana's Meaningful Use Data Is Available

Indiana providers continue to make progress toward meaningful use of electronic health records technology. An Indiana-specific, web-based presentation of that progress has been developed using openly available Indiana Medicare and Medicaid MU attestation data. The presentation provides an overview of EHR adoption and MU progression in our state. This tool helps stakeholders access the latest information in an interactive, easy-to-leverage, graphic format. You can filter this data several ways, including by:

  • Dollars received
  • Bed count
  • Participation in Medicaid versus Medicare or both
  • And more!

For a visual presentation of Indiana's progress, please see the Indiana Meaningful Use Interactive Report, hosted by Social Health Insights at

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